Frequently Asked Questions (COVID-19 and the Squadron)

In a time where everybody is looking for information, advice and guidance to stay safe and ensure their own (and family and friends) good health, it is easy to get taken in by false/ fake information. The key places to get good information and advice about COVID-19 and the current situation from:

National Health Service - Wikipedia Welcome to GOV.UK Public Health England - Wikipedia

Information, Advice and Guidance regards the squadron can be found via Ma'am's updates and the Training @ 136 platform as all updates are stored here too.

As the COVID-19 situation became serious within the United Kingdom, A description of Social DistancingHM Government implemented 'Social Distancing' as a way to help prevent the spread of the virus and therefore reduce the number of people who catch it and then suffer ill-health or die from it. Social Distancing required individuals to stay (at least) two meters away from each other at all times. The distance of two meters was selected as it reduces the impact of somebody coughing or sneezing in the area, as well as somebody transmitting the virus whilst talking normally. This is because the COVID-19 virus is spread through water droplets in breath, coughing and sneezing.

The impact of Social Distancing is that it could, if followed by all individuals, dramatically reduces the infection rate of the virus and will save many people from the illness and also save many lives.

Social Distancing is taking a key role in all efforts to battle COVID-19 and forms the basis of all action. When anybody is outside, exercising or getting shopping or medication, Social Distancing must be demonstrated. In many places and shops, actions are being taken to mark out areas for people to stand and be in, as well as make sure people are following guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus to fellow customers as well as the staff and colleagues within the shop or organisation. We must all care for each other at this time, and Social Distancing is the easiest way in which to start this consideration and care.

After the Government brought in guidelines around Social Distancing, to reduce the infection rate and to save lives, a further decision was taken by HM Government to implement further guidance and rules. These additional rules are designed to put more barriers in the way for the virus and to help stop the spread of infection by adding to the Social Distancing rules. This new phase, requiring people to stay at home unless absolutely required, is being called 'lockdown' by the public and press.

There are a few reasons why people can leave the house:

  • Shopping for basic necessities, for example food and medicine, which must be as infrequent as possible,
  • One form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle - alone or with members of your household,
  • Any medical need, including to donate blood, avoid or escape risk of injury or harm, or to provide care or to help a vulnerable person,
  • Travelling for work purposes, but only where you cannot work from home

You can get more information from the Government.

If you do leave the house, you must continue to practice Social Distancing and you must make sure you wash your hands regularly to help kill the virus and prevent further infection to friends and family.

The image (right) shows the predicted impact of Social Distancing and how this can help save people from being sick and, ultimately, save lives. A single person could infect 406 people in 30 days without Social Distancing. With Social Distancing, however, this could be reduced to 15 people if there is 50% less exposure, or 2.5 people with 75% less exposure.

One of the key aspects for continued safety is to wash your hands and make sure you catch your sneezes and coughs in tissues and throw them away as soon as possible.

During the current 'lockdown' state within the United Kingdom, all face-to-face Microsoft Teams - Wikipediacadet and staff activities have been cancelled to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during RAFAC activities. However, the staff and cadets of 136 Squadron are a committed bunch and all parade activities have moved on-line using a Video Conferencing.

During this time, Virtual Parade Nights (VPN) will take place every Tuesday and Thursday (19:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs) to keep things going. Every VPN will have a plan to it and this will be communicated to all cadets through the usual channels; including Cadet Portal.

To help make sure the public are responding to the regulations and Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue | My Jewish Learningrequirements for staying at home and Social Distancing, HM Government and Parliament have passed new legislation (law) which gives the Police new powers to enforce this law. The penalties for breaching the new laws include on-the-spot fines (£60 - reduced to £30 if paid quickly) and repeated offenders could face arrest and court appearances; including a criminal record as a result.

The staff of the squadron are working together to make the Virtual Parade Uniform Care and Maintenance – 2415 (Penkridge) SquadronNights as close to actual parade nights as possible. We are planning to conduct as many of the planned activities and sessions as possible using MS Teams, the Training @ 136 and Ultilearn platforms as the basis for resources and materials. There will be published plans for parade nights, and other activities if possible, and each parade night's plan will also be published through Cadet Portal and the password protected areas on the website too; where you will find the links to the MS Teams sessions for the Virtual Parade Nights.

If you have any ideas for activities which we can do on Virtual Parade Nights, please email the Training Officer so that they can be considered and put in to practice, where possible.

This aspect of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) hasn't changed, although we have expanded it. The squadron training plan will be issued on Cadet Portal, 136AirCadetsInfo (private), and 136 Squadron Facebook (private) as usual, but will also be placed within the 'Parade' section of the 136 Squadron website. Finally, at the end of each Virtual Parade, we will remind people of the plan for the next Virtual Parade Night so that everyone is informed. 

If you have any ideas for activities which we can do on Virtual Parade Nights, please email the Training Officer so that they can be considered and put in to practice, where possible.

This is a time which we know all cadets and staff are looking forward to andList of Air Training Corps squadrons | Revolvy we know it will be a long awaited and happy point in the history of the squadron. At the moment, we do not have a specific date for when parade nights will return to normal and when we will all be back on face-to-face activities.

RAFAC Headquarters are monitoring the situation closely, and will continue to take guidance and direction from HM Government, Public Health England, and the NHS. As things change in the country, they will update squadrons so that we can all be informed. When the squadron is updated, we will make sure cadets, families and carers are also updated. Until this time, however, we will not be stopping and we will be continuing to provide Virtual Parade Nights, activities and other engagements where possible.

Absolutely. The Training Officer and Commanding Officer for the squadron have been working on making it possible for every cadet to continue working on their classification whilst we are on Virtual Parade Nights. This is so that every cadet has the opportunity to continue their development and continue working towards the completion of lessons and subjects whilst we are not on face-to-face parade nights. To make this possible, every cadet has been registered for all of the exams on Ultilearn so that these exams can be taken, starting with the lowest level classification and working through the relevant lessons and subjects. To help this, the Training @ 136 platform has also been altered to allow every cadet to enrol themselves on all of the classifications and the resources which are available.

As cadets work through their classification subjects and exams, it is important that the Training Officer is kept up-to-date so that the Cadet Training Tracker can be kept up-to-date. This will allow for relevant badges and certificates to be ordered so that they, hopefully, will arrive before we all get back together on face-to-face Parade Nights. This will then allow Ma'am to hand out certificates and badges on the first night so that the rewards for the efforts put in by cadets are visible as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about continuing classifications, or accessing the training platform or Ultilearn (not required by cadets completing training lower than Leading Classification) please contact the Training Officer.

Due to the current situation, and the suspension of all face-to-face Uniforms - 306 Runcorn Air Cadetscadet activities, the decision has been made to suspend the Dining-In Evening at this time. We are currently looking at options to hold the Dining-In Evening during this year, but this will depend on when the face-to-face activities are given permission to restart by RAFAC HQ. There are a number of possible events which are being discussed for the return of the squadron and we are looking forward to seeing everybody together once we do return. We are hoping it won't be long, but we will be keeping things going until we can return to normal.

For updates about this, please keep an eye on squadron communications and Virtual Parade Nights for details.

The staff of the squadron are currently looking in to the possibility and Start Holiday Crafting - Weekend Projects 2019 | Apartment Therapylogistics for running weekend activities within the squadron; using MS Teams as the platform for this. The staff will be updating cadets about the possibility, events and details (where appropriate) through Virtual Parade Nights so keep an eye out during those for more information.

Yes. The decision has been made to continue the promotion Air Cadet Blue Woven NCO/WO Rank Slides | Cadet Directapplication process. Details of the process, applications and interview schedules will be shared through Virtual Parade Nights, so keep an eye out for more information if you have applied for a promotion.

The staff of the squadron do not wish to hold-back those cadets who wish to apply themselves and continue their development within RAFAC. As a result, during 'lockdown' we will be doing everything we can to keep the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for the Squadron going.

If you have a question, you can submit it below.